"The sun is glorious in one way, the moon is glorious in another way, and the stars are glorious in their own [distinctive] way; From one star differs from and surpasses another in its beauty and brilliance"
 -1 Corinthians 15:11
Hi there!

This month I have made it a goal to commit to my fitness routine and change my eating habits. I have already made little progress so far and I hope to keep up and not fall into temptation. Speaking of goals and commitment, I believe this site deserves a little more love. Since I am studying full time, it probably wont hurt to publish a post about once a week, or every other week, but don't worry! I will have plenty of time to post more frequently in the summer! 

XOXO, Lucy
Hello everyone! Here is a recap of my day
Friday May 18, 2012
1. Wake up, get ready
2. Drive with dad to pick up a couple of barrels to fill with goodies to send to family overseas
3. Post office: complete passport 
4. Wash the barrels.. and took a picture of the lovely flowers while sipping on diet root beer. 
5. Grocery shopping and lunch (Yummy food!)
6. Came back home.. took a nap, did some cleaning, and got ready for the evening event...
7. Graduation!
Grad '12
       I must say, this weekend wasn't too bad at all. I didn't have school on Friday so I used that time to stay home and rejuvenate my energy as well as finish a few errands that needed to be completed. I am planning a trip to Tonga this summer and have already started preparing. I took my passport photo and surprisingly it didn't turn out bad at all. (:

          I spent the next day with my family downtown, running errands, hanging out and having lunch as well as doing a little shopping. That evening I had family coming over, but we had to go to church for practice so we took them with us. Each family was to do a skit on a topic from the bible (ours was the parable of the good Samaritan). It was really interesting because we had just started planning and going over it during rehearsal and it turned out pretty good. The skit was very simple but touching at the same time; To briefly  summarize it, there was a wounded man, and one man passed by him, the next man kicked him and walked by then the third man helped him up and took him to the innkeeper, and told the innkeeper that if she took the man in, he will come back and pay for  it. So that is what she did, and the man returned and paid her what he owed. Moral of the story is that we should love our neighbor.  

It was a pleasure to have Princess Fusipala (of Tonga) visit our church the next day for Fakame (children's white Sunday, every first Sunday of May).